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Discord Inc.

Discord is a chat application that works across multiple platforms. It's the ideal chat platform for gamers. It is currently being used by over 250 million people worldwide. This app and platform covers live text, voice and video chat. It's the perfect solution to playing team games such as first-person shooters, where communication is key to victory.

Discord allows for instant invite links for its servers. Users can enjoy both private and public communications. Groups can be organized and ranks or roles can even be assigned to specific members. Discord allows you to organize your game group as you see fit. Special posting permissions and mod powers can be assigned to your groups members.

Many gamers enjoy playing across platforms. This means that in-game communications tools are out of the question. In such situations, Discord is the perfect solution. There are millions of servers so performance is always guaranteed to be good. Discord groups are also used to compile and disseminate information on a wide variety of subjects. There is a rich and varied community of users out there.